The regressive Article 377 was struck down, the entire LGBTQ community flocked to streets wearing their hearts on the sleeves as they truly celebrated.

The LGBTQ community is finally out and proud, and can now roamaround the public eye as whoever they always were. With such a historic judgment, Mumbai which has always even been ahead of its time and more accepting saw a huge surge of people from the community come out and head of the various clubs in Mumbai. Mumbai has always hosted the LGBTQ film festival, and the pride marches of Mumbai are famous all over the country. Yet the idea of acceptance is still at its nascent stage, but the community is ready to go out and have a great time. So, where are these places where the wonderful and colourful LGBTQ community can savour their time and maybe even meet potential partners?

With Pride Month starting with a bang- Here are some great cafesand pubs in Mumbai that have wholeheartedly welcomed this decision, and are even providing a safe place for them to come out and live outside the closet. These places have even trained their staff to ensure that their behaviour words the community is not marred with prejudices and stereotypes.

Here is a list of some of the most happened LGBTQ friendly pubs and cafes in the City of Dreams.

Doolally Taproom

source: Justdial

When you are in Dolally Taproom, there is not a moment that you will get bored. Be it the amazing live music, or the delicious food or even the great cocktails, you will also find yourself entertained in some way or the other.

This place is not only LGBTQ friendly but also pet-friendly. So you can also get your furry friends to mingle here. The weekends are filled with fun workshops that are always pushing you to be creative. This is a great way for people from the LGBTQ community to be creative and be engaged in different ways.


source: Treebo

Everything in this club screams LGBTQ friendly. The warm dark interiors, the subtle lightings and too many varieties of drinks to choose from. This place will have you spoilt for choice as you clobber your head to find the perfect drink for you. The crowd is always loud and lively and it has exactly the kind of atmosphere that you are seeking

Cafe Mondegar


What can be more brilliant than dining at one of the oldest restaurants in Mumbai, while you will the net of safety and acceptance clinging to you? Sounds like an impossible dream right? Well, it’s not, Cafe Mondegar is the perfect ambience for the entire LGBTQ community to just have a nice meal at. With ever playing retro music and fun murals by the famous Mario Miranda, this is a paradise for the community. There is also a jukebox which you canuse, which makes it all the more appealing and old school. Since its very inception, this cafe has always stretched a friendly hand towards the LGBTQ community and still continues to do so. Come here and sip your chilled beer while you let yourself be swayed away by the quirky music and the lively ambience.

Kaama Lounge

source: Zomato

This lovely spacious place is perfect for parties in the night and a calming lunch in the afternoon. The Lounge is especially high, and the interior decoration is inspiring. This is a place that you will surely fall in love with.

Start by having a sumptuous lunch, and then let your hair loos eat night on the dance floor.

It also hosts several gay nights and gay parties all through the year, wherein you can go and let your heart out. This place provides a safe space that every person from the community desires

Kaama’s spaciousness gives it a big edge when compared to theother popular party places in Mumbai. There is a lot of room to move around freely and mingle with everyone around.

Cafe Zoe

source: The City Story

A must visit place to have breakfast, Cafe Zoe is much more than just its breakfast spreads. This wonderful cafe is one of the safest and most fun place to be in if you are from the LGBTQ community. This cafe has always been one of the most sought after place for LGBTQ meetups. From Pride March planning to LGBTQ filmmakers meeting, this is the place that hosts everything.

The evenings here are splendid, as they have live music- they welcome the LGBTQ community to get up in the stage and show their hidden talent also. It is also a sin to not have the breakfast spread at Cafe Zoe at least once in your life.


source: LBB

One of the most welcoming clubs in Mumbai, it is the new cool kid in the block. Neos is relatively new but is quickly gathering up a storm, thanks to its LGBTQ parties.

The ambience is hip and wonderful, and you will find everyone tobe friendly. The club is filled with different colours and neon light that will make your highlighter pop.

The club also has private sections, where you can go and take a breather from the lively music, or just mingle with someone. In this club, you can let all your inhibitions go and just be who you are.

To make the most of it, head to the club during one of their LGBTQ parties, which are hosted by the LGBTQ community. You will definitely notbe disappointed.

Kitty Su

Kitty Su is that one sub in Mumbai, where all the wild party animals roar. Famous for its annual Halloween and New Year celebrations, this place is insanely lively all throughout the year. From Drag Shows to amazing live performance you will witness everything if you are here at Kitty Su.

The place is huge with seven different levels. Each of the levels is curated for different target audiences and each one is different from the other. For example- if you are someone who would want to just chill by the pool, judge others and have a little drink then head to the Aqua Zone, but if you just want to witness that amazing drag show then head over to the dancefloor.

This club allows people to unleash their full potential and show the world who they truly are. It is one of the friendliest places for the LGBTQ community to be in, and you will be amazed at the kind of support and love they have. The LGBTQ community or performers from the community usually choose this haunt to host their parties or to perform.

The Ghetto

source: Treebo

This amazing club is the place to be for the LGBTQ community. Filled with vibrant neon lights, and walls splashed with graffiti, this club truly celebrates the colourful nature of the queer community.

The allure of the place is further heightened by the trance-like90s music that keeps enchanting the revellers. In this place, you will find people from all walks of life. There is no prejudice or discrimination, and you will find yourself freely swaying to the music with your partner or maybe just sharing a beer with someone who you just found.