The LGBTQ community waited with the batted breath, as the Supreme Court went into a discussion about the regressive Article 377. This age-old law was used as a way to criminalise same sex. After years of struggle finally, the day had come, when one would know whether their efforts were successful or did it go down in vain.

As the judgement came in, the entire crowd roared, the day had come, the Article was struck down- India had officially realised that the LGBTQ community exists and is proud.

After almost a year of the historic judgement, many people still clamoured that while the law was struck down, yet the Indian people still haven’t enabled India to be a safe place for the LGBTQ community.

While this statement cannot be struck down completely, but in honest terms, India is one of the safest places for the LGBTQ tourists to travel to.

With a huge population, it should come as no shock, that India is definitely more accepting and loving to the community than other countries. India has shown rapid acceptance to the ideas of same-sex love, or identities which are not always structured. Even Bollywood movies have reflected the change. So what is it that makes India so safe for tourists from the LGBTQ community:

Business All The Way

After the Court outlawed Article 377, India saw a great upsurge in the LGBTQ tourisms. From people from the community started coming to India to witness the change. They now felt safer here. But what does India gain from this?

It is no doubt that India is a country with a huge population, thus at least over 30 million people will belong to the LGBTQ community, thus this becomes an important and high market to target.

By making the country safer for the LGBTQ community, business is sure to rise.

source: Youth Ki Awaaz

After the iconic judgement, many ventures in India have actually started doling out LGBTQ friendly packages, and more and more LGBTQ friendly restaurants, clubs and cafes have popped up.

Travel companies like LGBT india tours have started realigning their packages to fit the safety needs of the LGBTQ, and have started curating their packages in such a way, that they feel safe.

This has enabled a lot of foreign LGBTQ tourists to explore India while feeling safe. This has also given a huge boost to businesses that follow this trend. With more and more companies following the PINK Rupee- the safer, the country is getting.

The Events Never Dry Up

While the judgment might have been relatively recent, the LGBTQ community in India has always been active and have always voiced their opinions. There are multiple events that have always happened in India, that have kept the interests of the community alive.

It was first started in Kolkata when the vibrant and colourful LGBTQ community came out in 1999 and waved their rainbow flags out in the public. Though there were only 15 people, it still made a mark.

source: Hornet

In recent times, LGBTQ events have garnered great popularity, and you will find thousands of people participating in them all over India.

To give ample representation to the community, India also has an annual film festival decimated to the community, and there are several events like the Mumbai Pride or the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (which is the biggest South Asian Film Festival for the LGBTQ community).

Many other events like the Chennai Pride, Delhi Pride, and the Kolkata Pride keeps taking place all over the year. This gives the community a safe place to come out and be who they are. It allows them to assert their identity- India has over time created these safe places. Once these places were just remote pockets, now they are getting bigger and bigger.

There is also a yearly pageant meant for Gays, which takes place in Mumbai. The winner goes to the international pageant later on to represent India.

The Nightlife For The LGBTQ Community Is Lit

As the LGBTQ culture grows, so does the vibrant clubs in India. All of the major metropolitan cities in India have amazing bars which are LGBTQ friendly.

Mumbai is the perfect place for the LGBTQ to come out and celebrate. From amazing dance bars to wonderful Drag Shows, Mumbai has it all. Clubs like Kitty Su organise several LGBTQ nights, which are fun and extremely safe. The staff of these clubs are also trained in a way to make sure that the safe space provided to the community remains safe.

source: Thrillist

There are several LGBTQ meetups, and you must visit the many parties that Salvation star organises for the LGBTQ community.

Other cities like Bengaluru, and Kolkata all have dedicated gay bars that are run and open for the LGBTQ communities. This allows people to let their hair down and also feel safe at the same time. They are not judged and are away from the prying eyes of the public in these clubs.

Delhi definitely tops the list with its gay bars and even gay saunas where you can go and maybe find your special someone. There are a lot of LGBTQ friendly bars here, and many even host Pride Nights or Rainbow Thursdays to celebrate inclusivity.

Hotels Are Waving The Rainbow Flag

As India is opening up more and more to the concept of LGBTQ communities, so are the hotels in India.


The hotels in India have started making sure that that, tourists from the LGBTQ communities feel at ease and are safe in their premises. They have started being extremely LGBTQ friendly, which has paved the way for many other hotels to do the same. Not only are the big brands opening their arms to the community, but also smaller hotels, which one may not believe to be so progressive, are training their staff and welcoming tourists from the LGBTQ community.

It is a wonderfully refreshing sight to witness. No one in the hotel staff will judge you for holding hands of your partner, or wanting to share a bed with them. Many hotel staffs also go out of their way to make sure one feels safe and welcomed here. They even ward off looks from the other hotel guests, which one might or might not be subjected to.